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Four Pieces Of Service

Missing Pieces

We offer various groups and workshops for families to learn teaching skills, how to incorporate what’s learned into daily life and intervention plans.
Missing Pieces offers three different options to choose from, or you can do the entire package!


A. Six Week Workshop: Weekly two-three hour online BCBA training on various topics and application discussions afterwards. Much participate in this group either before parts B and C of Missing Pieces or simultaneously.

B. Individual Weekly BCBA Consulting: One-on-one online consulting to discuss concerns and formulate specific plans of intervention. In addition, video recorded behaviors can be provided to the BCBA for review and intervention ideas.


C. Ongoing Mastermind Group: Online group led by a BCBA in which there is ongoing training, accountability for implementation of behavior protocols and interaction between other members for support and suggestions. This group will meet monthly for up to two hours. Recommended to commit to a year-long active membership: however, membership is on a monthly basis and can be canceled and any time. When possible, caregivers are placed in groups based on commonalities of their child’s needs.

* All three options can be either private pay or through other funding sources.
* If an insurance option is utilized, must be able to bring your child for initial assessment to our center in Pickerington or Hilliard, Ohio.

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