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Our Process

Getting Started

Getting Started


  1. Contact FH&L Autism Services to schedule an assessment. If desired, a free one-hour
    consultation is provided to discuss in person our services.

  2. The assessment is conducted.

  3. After the assessment is completed, usually within two weeks,
    recommended skills to begin working on are presented to the family.

  4. A determination is made of the best treatment package for the child and family, in terms of hours per week, times of therapy, location of therapy, etc.

  5. Individualized programs are written based on the assessment and family needs.

  6. Team of direct-care therapists are assembled.

  7. Training is provided for the family and direct-care workers on the specifics of the individual child.

  8. Services begin!

Our Process

Funding Options

Funding Options

Current Options
FH&L currently accepts payments from the following funding sources:

Other Options
If you do not have access to these funding sources, the following resources may be helpful.


  • Autism Speaks Advocacy – this is a great resource to use if you have any questions about your insurance coverage

  • Insurance Navigator – a helpful tool to help find out if your insurance provider covers Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Self-Funded Employer Toolkit – a document to bring to your insurance provider if they don’t cover Applied Behavior Analysis, in attempts to get it covered


If you are still having trouble getting funding for your child, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance at 855-HOPEASD (467-3273) Extension "0"

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